Food Waiters
4 hours
Drinks waiters
4 hours
Cocktail waiteres
3 hours

Rent A Waiter

 If you want to rent out one of our professional and skilful waiters for your party at home or a gala dinner, we'll be more than happy to assist!

House Parties

We’ve got all the experience and manpower that it takes for waiting for parties at home, weddings, barbecue parties and basically any other entertaining kinds of events.


Cocktail Waiters - for hire

Nowadays, most people prefer to hire backup staff for their parties and events. Whether you need help serving food or cocktail waiters to help the bar service run smooth, no occasion is complete without them.

Waiting staff are great to have around, they will take drinks orders, they will serve and keep the area tidy for you and you can count on them to tidy everything up as soon as your guests will leave.

Special daily rates are available for multi-day events, rent a waiter for private and corporate. Our most popular services:

  Cocktail Bartenders - Bath, Manchester, Glasgow.

  Mobile Bars - London, Birmingham, York, Aberdeen.

  Cocktail Classes - Cardiff, Liverpool, Nottingham, Edinburgh.

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