Cocktail Bartenders - hourly rates available

hire bartenders by the hour


If you need to get cocktail bartenders for a few hours to serve drinks to your guests and manage the bar, let us help you. Just as we do with our whole team, our bartenders are selected to work with us for their enthusiasm, proactive thinking and fast work ethic.

Hourly rates and daily rates are available for our cocktail bartender hire services, we also offer special event rates for multi-day events.

Hire for events nationwide.

Want to know how does it work, what is included and what you need to provide?

The mixologist will bring the cocktails making kit with him, the shakers, bar spoon, muddler and jigger. You will need to provide a knife for fruits, the cocktail glassware, straws, napkins, ice and bucket plus the ingredients required.

A dedicated event professional will help you plan the cocktails menu and your shopping list accordingly and will assist you with all your glasses hire needs.