Wedding Party Cocktail Bar

There are a lot of cool and unique ways to set the Wedding Bars and at House Party Bartenders we do it to perfection. Our drinks packages are the perfect solutions to keep the drinks flowing and your guests happy.

Gin & Tonic's Bars

Guests will be treated to a G&T's bar, allowing them the choice of either ordering their favourite drink or choosing from the bride and groom's favourites. The bar will include a selection of Gin's and a mix of different tonics and garnishes for a truly personalised experience.

Champagne Cocktail Bar

Champagne-based cocktails bars discreetly set so guests can skip the line at the bar and grab a bubbly drink instead. The festive display perfect for any wedding setup, surely to entice party goers.

wedding party cocktail bar hire



Professionally trained cocktail makers.

Cocktail Bars

Portable bars for private events.


Whiskey Bars

Surprise your male guests (and not only) with this whiskey bar for weddings, featuring his great bottles from UK, Ireland and US. It's the perfect occasion to showcase your good taste in whiskey, especially because more than likely the guys will be flocking here all evening long.

Beer Bars

If you and your groom are big craft beer drinkers, consider booking a beer bar during the early evening or for the entire wedding reception. We can set a vintage themed bar with beer bottles served in buckets or big party tubs, beers on tap are also available.

Sangria Bar

Wine barrels will be used as the base for our sangria bars, giving a nod to the main ingredient in the couple's signature drink. Probably the most important thing to note about a sangria bar is that the drinks are pre-prepared, meaning guests can pick up a glass on their way to the reception without any wait.

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